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ESD Finger Cots
ESD Finger CotsESD Finger Cots, or Pink ESD Finger Cots, are commonly used in electronic assembly, photonics, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Anti Static finger cots are Powder Free and are made of 100% latex material. These finger cots meet MIL-STD-105E for holes, tear, stains and Electrostatic properties. Pink in color. Style is rolled. Please take a look at the ESD Finger Cots specification sheet for further information.

ESD Alternative: ESD Static Dissipative Finger Cots
Non-ESD Alternatives: General Purpose Finger Cots, Orange Rubber Finger Cots and Nitrile Finger Cots

Packaged as 1440 pieces/bag.
Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
Pink Finger Cots
FC-P-S Pink ESD Finger Cots, Small $19.50
FC-P-M Pink ESD Finger Cots, Medium $19.50
FC-P-L Pink ESD Finger Cots, Large $19.50
FC-P-S-B Pink ESD Finger Cots, Small, 10 bags/case $188.00
FC-P-M-B Pink ESD Finger Cots, Medium, 10 bags/case $188.00
FC-P-L-B Pink ESD Finger Cots, Large, 10 bags/case $188.00