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Cleanroom Stationery
Cleanroom Stationery includes Cleanroom Sticky pads, Cleanroom Notebooks and Cleanroom Pens. They are specially designed to minimize particle generation in a controlled Cleanroom environment.
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Cleanroom Notepads
Cleanroom Notepads are designed for Cleanroom environment. They are available in Blue and White color paper. These Cleanroom Pads are packaged as 80 sheets per pad. They are priced and sold as as 120 pads/case.
ESDCRSN33W 3" x 3" White Cleanroom Sticky Notepads $680.00
ESDCRSN33B 3" x 3" Blue Cleanroom Sticky Notepads $680.00
Cleanroom Notebooks
Cleanroom Notebooks are Amide and Silicon Free. They are compatible with Class 100 standards. The paper is ESD safe.
ESDCRNB35 3" x 5" Class White Cleanroom Notebook, Class 100 compatible.
Packaged as 50 sheets/pad, 60 pads/case.
ESDCRNB811 8 1/2" x 11" White Cleanroom Notebook, Class 100 compatible.
Packaged as 100 sheets/book, 10 books/case
Cleanroom Pens
Cleanroom Pens are made of Low Sodium material for Cleanroom environment. They are packaged as 12 pens/pack. They priced and sold as 12 packs/case.
ESDCRPBLK Black Cleanroom Pens, Mechanical Style $32.00
ESDCRPBLU Blue Cleanroom Pens, Mechanical Style $32.00