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Cleanroom Wipes
Cleanroom WipesCleanroom Wipes are made from clean, durable synthetic fibers and their substrate is highly absorbent. The wipes are made from materials that allow static charge to gradually drain to the ground. Static dissipative wipes, for example, are used to minimize static buildup or remove electrostatic discharge when cleaning tabletops, components and equipment in a controlled environment. These Cleanroom Wipers are perfect for optics and LCD screen cleaning because they contain no carbon or metal fibers which can scratch vulnerable surfaces.

Our Static dissipative ESD wipes are suitable for nearly all electronic manufacturing and optical cleaning applications. Cleanroom
polyester knit wipes are lint-free and especially excellent for wiping scratch sensitive surfaces.

Application: Optics and LCD screen cleaning, Electronic manufacturing and optical cleaning applications, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
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Cleanroom Wipes
ESDCRW9X9 9" x 9" Non-woven Cleanroom Wipes (100/case) $74.00