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Conductive Grid Tapes
Conductive Grid TapesConductive Grid Tapes are a three layer polypropylene material including a conductive grid middle layer with static dissipative material on both sides. Conductive Grid Tapes provide conductive shielding that is ideal for use at ESD safe workstations where ESD sensitive components and devices are handled and manufactured. Conductive Grid Tapes have an antistatic inner and outer surfaces, with no shed, flake, crack, chip or rub off of the inner layer grids. The grid pattern and ESD symbol alerts technicians that the package contains ESD sensitive parts. It is packaged in a 3" plastic core and is 36 yds long.

Applications: EMI shielding, Sealing ESD bags or ESD containers and grounding of shelving units
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Conductive Grid Tapes
WCGT-1/2 1/2" Conductive Grid Tapes $3.25
WCGT-3/4 3/4" Conductive Grid Tapes $4.50
WCGT-1 1" Conductive Grid Tapes $5.50
WCGT-2 2" Conductive Grid Tapes $7.50