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 ESD Gloves
Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves are made of polyester material and are used in electronic assembly where static charge is a concern. These ESD gloves are designed to work with static sensitive devices where bare hands are to be avoided. Conductive yarn is spaced every 10mm to dissipate a charge at a higher rate. Material is washable.
Packaged as10 pairs/bag.

Applications: Electronic manufacturing, Semiconductor industry and Medical device manufacturing.
Conductive Gloves are made of seamless knit nylon and copper fiber yarns with urethane coating. The surface resistivity is below 7.5 x107. Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) fiber yarns are blended with low lint nylon to reduce static build-up on the glove surface for improved performance in electronics assembly. Seamless knit gloves provide great dexterity. It is moisture resistant while offering static free performance. These gloves are ambidextrous to allow flexibility, reduce fatigue, and are washable. They are packaged as 12 pair/ pack.

Applications: Electronic assembly, Hospital, Medical equipment, Pharmaceutical, Photonics & Semiconductor.
ESD Latex Gloves provide the best value and are designed for cleanroom and static charged environment. These Gloves are powder free, ambidextrous and made of latex. They have a textured surface and beaded cuffs. Surface resistivity is 1011. Static decay of 2 seconds and triboelectric charge of 50V max. It is compatible with ASTM D-6319 standards. Packaged as 100/bag.

Applications: Electronic Manufacturing, Hospitals, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Photonics and Semiconductor.
ESD Nitrile Gloves are designed for use in particle sensitive and low contaminate environments. These Nitrile Gloves feature a rolled cuff, ambidextrous fit, textured finger tips, a very low pinhole level (AQL 1.5) and are powder-free. They contain no natural latex protein. The broad chemical resistance make them ideal for electrostatic discharge sensitive applications. Packages as 100/bag.

Applications: Cleanroom, Electronics manufacturing, Semiconductor facilities, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Photonics