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ESD Bubble Bags
ESD Bubble Bags also known as ESD Cushion Pouches offer three layers with Faraday cage construction featuring an inner layer of static dissipative .004 poly which meets electrical and physical properties of MIL-PRF-81705, Type II, a mid layer of bubble cushion that meets PPP-C-1842 Type I and a static shielding outer layer that meets electrical and physical properties of MIL-PRF-81705 Type III. ESD Bubble Bags has an ESD warning label on the front of the pouch. This multi-layer construction offers static shielding, dampens vibration and absorb shocks for sensitive electronic components.

The ESD Bubble Bags contains an internal anti-static amine free polymer which is impregnated and helps to eliminate the hazard of electro-static build up. All bags meet or exceed the electrical and physical requirements of Mil-B-81705 TYPE II, and EOS/ESD Standards.
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ESD Cushion Pouches