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ESD Constant Monitors
ESD Constant Monitors reduce production costs by eliminating the time spent on testing wrist straps before each shift. Further savings may be realized by reduced ESD damage from broken wrist straps. See How to Install Constant Monitors.

  • Easy to use: Simply plug in the wrist strap
  • Easy to install: Attach the monitor to the bench with hardware and plug it in
  • The units are powered and grounded by the AC adapter
  • Compatible with any standard wrist strap
  • Provides a green light for safe condition and a red light with Buzzer for unsafe condition

ESD Constant Wrist Strap Monitor

ESD Constant Monitor One Technician ESD Constant Wrist Strap Monitors
Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
ESD Constant Monitors
WSM-1 ESD Constant Wrist Strap Monitor for Single User $70.00
WSM-2 ESD Constant Monitor for one Technician and one Mat $105.00
WSM-3 ESD Constant Monitor for two Technicians and one Mat $159.00