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Lint Free ESD Gloves
ESD Polyester GlovesLint Free ESD Safe Gloves are made of polyester material and are used in electronic assembly where static charge is a concern. These ESD gloves are designed to work with static sensitive devices where using bare hands is not desired. Conductive yarn is spaced every 10mm to dissipate a charge at a higher rate. Material is washable. Packaged and sold as 10 pairs/bag.

Applications: Electronic Manufacturing, Semiconductor Industry and Medical Device Manufacturing.
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ESD Polyester Gloves
ESDPG-S Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves, Small (10 gloves/pk) $65.00
ESDPG-M Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves, Medium (10 gloves/pk) $65.00
ESDPG-L Lint Free ESD Safe Gloves, Large (10 gloves/pk) $65.00