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How to install ESD Constant Monitors

Installing a Constant Monitor

1. Check that you have received all parts:

- Monitor unit and attached power/ground adapter
- 2 - mounting screws.

2. Using the 2 mounting screws, mount the Monitor unit under the work bench. (Other suggested mounting locations include the bench top, and under bench shelving)

3. Plug the power/ground adapter into a 3-prong 120VAC outlet. The Monitor will sound a warning and display a red light when first plugged in.
NOTE: Do Not use a 2- prong adapter. This will prevent the Monitor from being grounded.

4. Place a wrist band on your wrist and plug the coil cord’s banana plug into the Monitor’s banana jack. The Monitor will display a green light when a functional wrist strap with good skin contact is connected to the unit.