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Nitrile Finger Cots
Nitrile Finger CotsNitrile Finger Cots provide excellent protection from skin salts, flakes, oils and other particulates. Nitrile Finger Cots, also known as Latex Free Finger Cots, are anti static, powder free, silicon free, sulfur free and protein free. They are ideal for use in the handling and assembling of Class II ESD devices. These finger cots are made of 4 mil thick 100% nitrile material and are 2.6" long. Packaged as 720/bag.

APPLICATIONS: Computer operators, Electronic assembly and manufacturing, Pharmaceutical plants, Cleanroom operation, Fiber optics, Aerospace and Hospitals.
Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
Nitrile Finger Cots
FC-N-S Nitrile Finger Cots, Small $19.90
FC-N-M Nitrile Finger Cots, Medium $19.90
FC-N-L Nitrile Finger Cots, Large $19.90
FC-N-XL Nitrile Finger Cots, Extra Large $21.70
FC-N-S-B Nitrile Finger Cots, Small, 10 bags/case $195.00
FC-N-M-B Nitrile Finger Cots, Medium, 10 bags/case $195.00
FC-N-L-B Nitrile Finger Cots, Large, 10 bags/case $195.00
FC-N-XL-B Nitrile Finger Cots, Extra Large, 10 bags/case $210.00