Unauthorized Dealers and Online Retailers Policy

Unauthorized Dealers and Online Retailers Policy

Unauthorized Sellers/Dealers

Our commitment to providing superior high quality products is, and has always been, the focus of our business and we’ve been doing so for the past 30 years.

Due to the special nature of Bertech’s product offering, Bertech does not have any official online authorized distributors other than as specified in this policy or in its terms and conditions. Bertech sells directly through various authorized online platforms such as (Amazon as a reseller of Bertech products (item must state sold by Amazon) or Bertech’s Amazon store, Digi-Key, Fastenal and any other third party specified on www.bertech.com, collectively, “Online Platform Partners”). Resellers are not allowed to sell Bertech products without express prior written consent from Bertech. Bertech products come standard and are subject to the terms and conditions on our website at https://bertech.com/terms-conditions (“Terms”), which will only be honored if the products are purchased through Bertech directly or through Bertech through its Online Platform Partners. If you obtain a Bertech product(s) from an unauthorized dealer and not directly from Bertech or directly from the Online Platform Partners, the Terms will not be honored and will be considered inauthentic, and we cannot offer you the assurances of quality and satisfaction afforded by purchases made through any sale not coming from Bertech directly or directly through its Online Platform Partners. Bertech does on occasion allow third party resellers, but such resellers must have prior written consent and an agreement to resell Bertech items.

No Unauthorized Reselling is Allowed with Bertech’s Express Written Consent

Any third party that does not have express written consent from Bertech or is resold again after being purchased through Bertech’s website or through its Online Platform Partners will not be considered an authentic and valid Bertech product. Since we do not authorize any such resale and such third party resellers do not have express written consent from Bertech, Bertech is unable to stand behind such products and therefore expressly prohibits any such resale and disclaims anything associated with such unauthorized resale. If you are uncertain about purchasing from a specific distributor other than Bertech directly or through its Online Platform Partners, before you purchase, please contact us directly at sales@bertech.com

Be cautious of sellers on Amazon.com and eBay (with the exception of the official Bertech Amazon store or being sold by Amazon directly as a Bertech authorized reseller). All resellers who sell through these online marketplaces are not authorized dealers of Bertech products. If purchasing our products directly through Amazon.com, eBay or unauthorized retailers within their networks, such product will be considered inauthentic and should not be sold as new; nor will such product be given the assurances of quality offered by Bertech.

Avoiding Unauthorized Resellers

Since Bertech does not sell through any third party online distributors other than directly through its Online Platform Partners, Products sold by unauthorized distributors are often not purchased from Bertech or may be modified or relabeled after being purchased prior to delivering to you. Again, such products are not considered authentic Bertech products and Bertech cannot stand by or support anything associated with such products. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to Bertech Terms. Additionally, many of these unauthorized dealers change names and locations frequently so they cannot be reached to solve customer problems. Other sites simply go out of business or in the practice of what is known as retail arbitrage which is often in violation of most Online Platform Partner terms and conditions. Furthermore, as many of our products are typically designed and supported to specific standards, we cannot support or stand behind such unauthorized third-party dealers.

Bertech continues to use its best efforts to prohibit these companies from taking advantage of consumers, but these practices still exist. To ensure that you receive the quality products and service that you are entitled to when you purchase Bertech products, it is important that all your purchases of our products be made only through Bertech or directly through its Online Platform Partners. Even if a product is obtained through an Online Platform Partner and then resold, such reselling is prohibited and considered unauthentic Bertech products.

How do I determine if a dealer is authorized to sell Bertech products?

Since Bertech does not have any third-party online resellers other than selling through Bertech.com or its Online Platform Partners, any product purchased from anyone other than such parties are considered inauthentic and should not be considered new and authentic Bertech products and will not be supported by Bertech’s Terms. Additionally, Bertech does not operate on eBay and any party listing Bertech products on eBay is unauthorized and doing so out of compliance with Bertech’s Terms and should not be considered authentic.

Bertech products sold by unauthorized dealers sometimes are purchased on a secondary “gray” market and can be damaged, defective, refurbished, stolen, modified, defaced, or even counterfeit. It’s not uncommon for such dealers to deny responsibility for product/support issues nor is it uncommon for such sellers to violate Bertech’s Intellectual Property rights and often creates confusion for consumers. Beware that if we are unable to validate the original purchase date and ownership, your product will not be considered an authentic Bertech product.

Bertech disclaims and is not associated with any third party other than as expressly specified in this policy:

The following online companies are not authorized to sell Bertech products (this list is not all inclusive – reach out to Bertech if you are unsure):

• Any third party on Amazon other than an Online Platform Partner
• Any product sold through eBay
• Any and all websites and companies throughout the World other than Bertech through its website or its Online Platform Partners